Apple's Group FaceTime helps Elvis impersonators around the world create a chorus of Kings

The band's outfits span the crooners full career

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Nov 29, 2018

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Seven Elvis impersonators croon in chorus despite the vast distances that separate them in Apple’s latest spot. A 60-second musical number showcases iOS 12.1’s Group FaceTime video chat feature.

In a lonely, cheap motel, the King strums his guitar. But next to him are the equally coiffed heads of his compatriots, fellow impersonators in an apartment building in Asia, the grand open spaces out West, the highrises of New York City, the frozen Siberian tundra, in a monsoon and aboard a ship weathering rough seas.

The Elvii are a motley crew, their outfits and hairstyles spanning the full range of the original’s career, from clean-cut and pompadoured to Hawaiian leid and Vegas fringed. As each singer queues up for his spotlight, the phone highlights his feed and minimizes everyone else’s. Together, they finish off "There's Always Me" like they're in the same room.