Apple's Underdogs return with more big ideas—but this time, they're stuck at home

Now the tireless workers have to come up with new ideas while house-bound during the pandemic

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Jul 13, 2020

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Last year, one of Apple’s standout films was “Underdogs,” a comedic thriller that recounted the fictional origins about a real but unexpected product patented by the tech giant—a round pizza box. The film, directed by Smuggler’s Mark Molloy, showed a scrappy team of developers working day and night on a suite of Apple devices as they prepared to present the round box idea to their scary honcho Vivienne. Though we never got to see their final show, they must have passed the test. A new film from Apple released today shows that their project, “Pandora’s Box,” is “back on the table,” but further development is needed and the Underdogs have to do it while they’re all working from home.

Again directed by Molloy, the film reunites the main cast, but this time, it’s all through Face Time, where we get a glimpse into their harried lives juggling home and “office” life while under lockdown. Their next task is to present a series of new box designs that are also recyclable. As they try to get it together, they encounter a series of hurdles native to working from home —screaming kids, a nagging parent, the absence of office hardware. But at least some of those are remedied by their own Apple tech. When one of the team needs to scan a spec sheet for example, “I don’t have a scanner,” he says. But his colleague reminds him, “There’s one on your phone” in Apple’s Notes app.

They brainstorm from the unlikeliest of places, leading to some powerful insights—the tablecloth under one food-obsessed team member’s bowl of spaghetti sparks what becomes their next big idea. While tackling some roadblocks—like Neil from finance—they’re off and running, and once again we see a flurry of back-and-forth collaboration via Apple tech that brings them to their next landmark presentation day.

Finally, as they're fully prepped with their new ideas and are all set to go face-to-face with the client, the team leader wants to make sure of just one thing: “Is everyone wearing pants?” she asks.