Apple really puts its Watch through its paces in this playful spot

Craig Gillespie directs ad set to Jack White's 'Power of My Love' that emphasizes its durability

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Jul 06, 2022

Editor's Pick

Apple sets out to show that its Apple Watch can be subjected to anything, in a playful new commercial for the brand that dropped this weekend.

The spot, aptly named "Hard Knocks," puts the device through its paces, from everyday mishaps to more serious accidents to the realms of the ridiculous. We start off seeing the knocks it might get in a wide range of various sports from tennis to ice-skating, then progress from those to the more unexpected: being licked by your dog's big tongue, smashed into a cake while dancing crazily at a wedding or even dropped into the toilet by your child. Everything adds up to demonstrating the durability of the Watch; once you've got that message, you can just sit back and be entertained. 

The in-house spot was directed by MJZ's Craig Gillespie and is set to Jack White's "Power of My Love."