Apple’s ‘Relax, it’s iPhone’ campaign rolls on, slowly, with a pumpkin-hauling tractor driver

‘Two Miles an Hour’ by Ludacris provides the perfect backdrop for a dusty tale about iPhone 14 Plus’ battery life

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Jul 10, 2023
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As sleek and modern as most of its product demos are, Apple does like to dip into the dusty realm of Westerns once in a while.

Almost exactly two years after a spot called “Haystack,” in which a farmer used his Apple Watch to find his iPhone in a giant hay bale, the tech giant is back with another “Relax, it’s iPhone” commercial set out on the prairie.

This time, we see a tractor driver hauling an enormous pumpkin across an even more enormous expanse of wasteland. The old Ludacris track “Two Miles an Hour” plays, as we watch our hero—not going much faster than that—make his way down an endless dirt track toward a mountain range.


As it turns out, it’s another “Relax, it’s iPhone” spot—this one offering a wry endorsement of the iPhone 14 Plus’ all-day battery life. Which is useful when your vehicle doesn’t have an iPhone charging port.

The spot was made in-house at Apple and directed by Ivan Zacharias at Smuggler. It follows the somewhat surprising Film Grand Prix win at Cannes for “R.I.P. Leon,” a “Relax, it’s iPhone” spot that showed how to unsend text messages.