Apple's Great Resignation themed 'Underdogs' ad wins Cannes Film Grand Prix

The latest film in the saga directed by Mark Molloy puts the brand's business tools on full display as the team invent a new product—and a whole new company

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Mar 10, 2022

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Apple's latest "Underdogs" film, themed around the Great Resignation, has won a Film Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2022.

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Apple’s ongoing saga of the industrious “Underdog” crew takes a dramatic turn in the latest installment of the brand’s entertaining, TV series-like campaign promoting how its various products and tools can boost your business.  

Last we saw the Underdogs, they, like the rest of the world, were stuck at home. Their new short film, "Escape From the Office," debuted online today. It sees them taking a deep breath as they prepare to make the leap we’re all dreading—they’re going back to the office. Before they step out of the car, however, their fearless leader Bridget has a bright idea: “Let’s quit!”

With that declaration, the team embarks on their next exuberant adventure, thinking up not just a new product, but a whole new company, “BetterBag.”

In line with how the working world has shifted dramatically over the last two years, the Underdogs toil away from anywhere and everywhere to realize their big idea, an extra-sturdy grocery bag. All the while, they make the most of Apple’s suite of tools—designing and refining their new product, marketing and selling the hell out of it and staffing up their new business virtually. There’s even a cameo from the entertainment world’s favorite mascot of optimism, Ted Lasso. 

“This was never meant to be a series of films, but as the landscape of the working environment has shifted over the past couple years, we found these characters to be the perfect way in to tell the story of how Apple products allow people to work however and wherever they want,” Tor Myhren, Apple’s vice president of marketing communications, told Ad Age. 
Curiously, an unsung “cast” of characters gets special billing in the film. For the first time, the campaign features a credit roll, the running list that typically reveals the actors and crew members on the project. This one, however, cleverly highlights the long list of Apple products and tools that helped to propel the story.

“We’ve always wanted the products to be a vital part of this fabulous cast,” Myhren said. “FaceTime, Mac, and iPad drive the storytelling as much as Bridget, Brian and Dave. You simply cannot tell this story without the product popping up at every turn, so we put them in the credits.”

Smuggler’s Mark Molloy has been a key figure throughout the campaign, having directed it from the start. “Mark brings so much to this series,” Myhren added. “His quick dialogue and slightly frenetic editorial style adds energy and tension that keep you glued to the story. He has been an invaluable partner in all three films.”

The film seems to bring the story of “The Underdogs” to a definitive close as we see the team freed from the shackles of their task-master boss, Vivienne. Yet as they speed away from the office with their new idea in tow, it’s easy to imagine there’s still much in store. Myhren, however, refrained from saying whether this is the end, or just a new beginning for the scrappy crew.

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