Arby’s is opening a ‘Hike Thru’ location in the Colorado Rockies to debut its Big Game Burger

Fallon dreamed up the experience, which will lead hikers on a 4.1-mile trek to a 10,731-foot summit

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Sep 11, 2023
Arby's sign in the middle of the forest

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If you want to be among the first to try Arby’s new Big Game Burger, you’re going to have to work for it.

Working with the agency Fallon, the fast-food chain has created a “Hike-Thru experience” in the Colorado Rockies. On Tuesday (Sept. 12), for one day only, hikers are invited to follow a 4.1-mile trail to a 10,731-foot summit on private land in Colorado. At the top, there will be an Arby’s “Hike Thru” location, where the burger—a mix of venison, elk and ground beef—will be available to sample.

They got pretty fancy with the trailhead, too:

Photo of the Arby's Hike Thru trailhead

The Big Game Burger, on the other hand, will be available at participating restaurants later in the week.

“Arby’s has always been known for our meat expertise, and we’re taking it to the next level—literally—with our new Big Game Burger’s one-of-a-kind blend,” said Ellen Rose, chief marketing officer of Arby’s. “We’re dedicated to crafting unique culinary experiences for our guests, and we hope the Big Game Burger and the immersive Hike-Thru experience allow our fans to tap into their sense of wild adventure—in our restaurants and on the trail.” 

Map of the Arby's trail

The stunt is a bit reminiscent of the cliffside popup shop that the agency WorkInProgress created for 37.5 Technology back in 2017—another celebration of all things remote.

“With checkpoints along the trail, guests will have opportunities throughout the hike to relax, quench their thirst at refreshment stations and enjoy the views,” Arby’s said of the event. “This is an adventurous burger that deserves to be experienced in the wild, and, at the end of the trail, hikers will reach the most remote Arby’s in the country and celebrate with a complimentary Big Game Burger!”

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