David Hasselhoff Will Photobomb Your Google+ Photos

This Tech Giant Has Lots More Pranks Up its Sleeve

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Apr 01, 2014

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Google has consistently been the master of April Fool's hoaxes. Back in 2000, the company created the "MentalPlex," which invites users to stare at a GIF while mentally projecting what they wanted to search for. Now, the company makes Google+ much more fun, with the hottest trend today: a celebrity photobomb.

On April 1, Google introduced "Auto Awesome Photobomb" which drops in a sweet appearance by David Hasselhoff into the photos you store on Google Plus. Check out some examples here.

The brand today also introduced the "Shelfie," which lets other people set your selfie as their Gmail theme with just a click. It also populated Maps on Android and iOS with Pokemon that you can find and trap, and offered up a way for your to translate text on the web into easily accessible emoji. Another Japanese-themed entry introduced a joystick-controlled "Magic Hand" that does all your touchscreen touching for you. Meanwhile, Nest, which Google acquired last year, has teamed up with Richard Branson for Total Temperature Control, which will take your airplane seat from hot to cool and everything in between.


Apr 01, 2014

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