This Barclaycard ad will take your brain on an adventure

Droga5 London TV campaign gets surprisingly philosophical to illustrate how payments are more than just transactional

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Mar 08, 2022

Editor's Pick

In Barclaycard's new business campaign, what seems like a run-of-the-mill banking ad goes off in a completely unexpected direction, thanks to some unusually creative copywriting from the team at Droga5 London. 

The spot begins with generic ad music as a perky hardware store owner tells us that with Barclaycard, "I can accept payments in the way my customers choose to pay." She taps a card against a contactless payment system, and the Barclaycard logo then appears, as if it's the end of the ad. However, the camera keeps rolling as she's interrupted by a customer who says he wants to buy all her hammers.

The two then go on to have a philosophical discussion that goes on for over a minute and strays into existentialism, the "observer effect," and generally, life, the universe and everything. It's all bizarrely funny, but if you're wondering what the point of this extended comedy sketch is, you need to watch till the end. The tagline reveals that "the payment part is just the start."

Droga5's Chris Russell and Ahmed Ellabib created the campaign. It's based on the insight that most business owners think of payments in a purely transactional way, which often discounts all the other benefits payments can do for their business. It comes as Barclaycard tries to position itself as the partner for small to mid-size business owners wanting to take their companies to the next chapter in the wake of the pandemic.

Director Jeff Low of Biscuit brought his comedic touch to the story, adding to the bizarre intrigue. It's running on UK TV as 30-second cutdowns from March, and another spot will follow in June. We look forward to seeing where that one goes.