Step Into Actor Joel Kinnaman's Shoes in This 'Emotional Reality' Experience

Livestream Lets You Experience Emotions of 'Avatars'

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Oct 24, 2016

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Swedish telco Tele2 is likening its latest campaign to the cult Spike Jonze film "Being John Malkovich," where a puppeter steps into the mind of John Malkovich for the day.

The idea is that, via a series of livestream broadcasts, the viewer step into the shoes of another person. Tele2 has chosen nine such "avatars," including "Suicide Squad" and "House of Cards" actor Joel Kinnaman (seen here), who will be seen rehearsing for a new role in Vancouver, robot maker Simone Giertz and climber Anna Lundh.

The avatars will wear GoPro cameras and a rig plus various monitors so that during the livestream broadcasts, viewers can see what they see, hear what they hear and even feel what they feel. The film will display different colors to denote emotions like anger or excitement, and the footage will pulse when the avatar's heart rate is increased. Even when they are concentrating, the livestream will reflect this by making the center of the screen more focused. Viewers do not need any special equipment to watch the video.

Tele2 and agency Edelman Deportivo, which devised the campaign, are calling the experience "emotional reality" -- in other words, a live stream that contains an added emotional layer.

The Kinnaman video will go live in five days time, with the Giertz broadcast taking place tomorrow on the Tele2 campaign site. Up to 5,500 viewers can watch at one time, and the broadcasts can also be watched as reruns.


Oct 24, 2016
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Edelman Deportivo
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