What if a Soccer Stadium Had its Own (Airline-Style) Safety Video?

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Oct 28, 2015

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Sure, airline safety videos have gotten a lot more creative these days. But agency O Escritorio has brought a twist to the game, literally, with its rendition for Emirates Airlines -- one that took place within a soccer stadium.

Last week in Dubai, the airline and agency helped get football fans roaring over their team, Benfica, with a twist on the traditional safety demonstration. Before the team's big match against Sporting Lisbon at Estádio da Luz in Portugal, a group of nattily-dressed Emirates attendants walked onto the pitch to give the Benfica supporters a lesson in how to properly cheer on their team, with a demonstration mimicking the moves of the traditional flight video. In place of pulling down oxyen masks, for example, the cabin crew showed fans how to place a Benfica scarf across their shoulders in a sign of "benfiquism."

"This activation is a perfect example of the way we like to connect with our customers through sponsorship," said Emirates' Divisional Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Brand Boutros Boutros said in a statement. "It was light-hearted, fun and combined our passion for football with Benfica supporters' passion for their club. We wanted to take the opportunity to do something that the fans in the stadium would remember and we think this worked. We may even try an adaption of this on one of our flights and see how the passengers react."

O Escritorio also happens to be the creative agency for SL Benfica.