Surreal Taiwanese Animations Launch 'ShottaSoCo' Catchphrase for Southern Comfort

W&K Targets Millennials With Quirky Online Shorts

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Sep 02, 2015

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Could "ShottaSoCo" become the new "Wassup?" Southern Comfort is hoping so, as it launches the catchphrase with a surreal online campaign.

In a move away from its "Whatever's Comfortable" TV spots, the brand has tapped into the art of Taiwanese animation to target millennials with a series of online shorts. In each, we hear the phrase "ShottaSoCo" (which, if you hadn't worked it out, stands for "shot of Southern Comfort") repeatedly used. The idea is that it's a more "comfortable" way of ordering the drink.

Wieden & Kennedy New York worked with Taiwanese animators Next Media on the four spots, which include Dog Bro, Too Small and Around the World, as well as Big Chant, seen here.

In a statement, W&K said that in partnerng with Next Media, it had "created a content platform that not only will stand out in people's newsfeeds but also allows us to quickly create videos in response to cultural moments."