Female razor brand Billie's hirsute heroines arrive in Brooklyn

Company debuts out of home effort at Bedford Station in Williamsburg

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Dec 13, 2018

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Female razor company Billie, a brand that has enthusiastically acknowledged that women are hairy, is bringing images of hirsute ladies to one of Brooklyn’s most traveled subway stops, Bedford station in Williamsburg.

The out-of-home campaign continues the brand’s “Project Body Hair” effort, which showcases women in all their fuzzy glory--a stark contrast to traditional women’s razor ads that show shavers already hair-free.

While the initial film went to some remarkable places--we saw hairy armpits, legs, unibrows and bellybuttons--the new work adds another body part to the mix--the big toe.

The campaign was created in-house, with photography by Jacqueline Harriet and Lauren Coleman.

Check out the first Project Body Hair Film below.