Samsung's Smart Swim Cap Assists Blind Paralympic Swimmers

'Blind Cap' Connects With an App to Tell Them When to Turn

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May 17, 2016

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Samsung's latest innovation uses technology to improve the lot of a very specific group -- blind Paralympic swimmers.

It has developed a special swimming cap that vibrates to alert the swimmers precisely when to do their flip turn at the end of the pool. The device eliminates the need for a coach or guide to physically tap the swimmer with a pole to indicate the lane coming to an end -- the method which has been used since swimming for the blind was established as an official Paralympic sport in 1960.

The "Blind Cap," which has been developed by Cheil's Spanish office in collaboration with the Spanish Paralympic Committee, is equipped with a vibrating sensor and Bluetooth technology. It synchronizes with the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch and any Android smartphone to work in conjunction with an app. This allows the swimmer's coach to send a warning signal from their smartphone or smartwatch, which is converted into a vibration within the cap of the blind swimmer, prompting the swimmer to turn without additional help.

Blind Cap is currently undergoing testing by the Spanish Paralympic Committee.

Samsung, which has been named the Marketer of the Year for this year's Cannes Lions, has been fast and furious with the do-good inventions in recent months, which have included an app that allows parents to "wombify" their voices for preemies, a "Brain Band" designed to help tackle pro sports' concussion problems and a VR idea that allows parents miles apart from their kids to read them bedtime stories as if they were right at home.