A sneaky grandma has a better grip on her phone than you think

Latest spot for Bouygues from BETC highlights the French telecom brand's rural coverage

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Mar 22, 2019

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French telecom brand Bouygues touchingly showed how a boy grows up to appreciate his father's "dad dancing" in its Christmas ad. Now, it's back with another spot about how mobile can connect the generations, this time to emphasize the quality of Bouygues' coverage in rural areas. 

The new spot ad from agency BETC starts with a teenage girl answering a call from her grandmother. She can't seem to hear her well, and explains to her friends that the signal is poor in the countryside, where her grandma lives, so she's going to visit her to see if she's OK. When she arrives, grandma seems fine, and they spend a fun day together trying on clothes and makeup. The girl departs, only for the sneaky grandma to quickly call her friend, with perfect coverage, and tell her that the plan "worked." 

The heartwarming spot was directed by Emma Luchini via Stink and is set to soundtrack of Elvis Costello’s version of Charles Aznavour’s “She,” known from the soundtrack of "Notting Hill."

The spot aims to emphasize that while the French countryside is usually associated with poor 4G coverage, Bouygues has spent the past three years heavily investing in rural areas. It was recently recognized as the number one mobile operator in French rural zones.