Domino's Pizza Japan : Branch on the Moon

Mozzarella on the moon.

Published On
Aug 30, 2011

Editor's Pick

Domino's Japan gives the country's space program an added boost with its latest effort, which unveils the pizzamaker's plans to erect the first fast food branch ever on the moon. Domino's Japan President Scott K. Oelkers appears in an intro video on the dedicated site, which outlines the stages of the proposed program to great length, featuring an engineer's full length presentation of the construction plan, an extensive Q&A session and a menu of the required funding, which will amount to about 1.6 trillion yen, or $21 billion. Just a big ruse? Check back into the site for more updates.

The brand is known for its pretty wacky marketing moves in Japan, which included this award-winning Pizza Tracking Show out of Bascule.