British Airways shows the future of a child who travels in latest ‘A British Original’ work

Uncommon’s TV spot builds on the OOH campaign that won the Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes in 2023

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Mar 18, 2024
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If you’ve ever looked at the face of an infant and wondered what their future might hold, British Airways’ picturesque new ad attempts to answer that question. 

Following its Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes Lions for its “A British Original” campaign, the airline’s new TV campaign builds on the platform and creative concept of journeys shaping customers’ future.

Created by Uncommon Creative Studio, the new spot tells the story of a baby aboard a British Airways aircraft who, in a deep sleep, dreams of all the experiences she will have in the future as she embarks on her first trip.

Beautifully crafted with film vignettes, visions of her life appear in nonsequential order. Flashes of her childhood swimming in a pool appear, followed by visions of her landing in the airport to reconnect with her parents as an adult. In between the visions, scenes of her aboard the flight, in the present day, show the staff caring for her—a flight attendant wraps her in a blanket, another guest on the plane coos at her, and her father holds her up to look out the window.


Directed by Emmy and Grammy nominee Miles Jay and produced by Smuggler, the campaign shows poignant moments in her future to demonstrate that a path in life can be inspired by each journey taken, according to press materials. The film is scored by English musician Saint Saviour with acoustic tones and subtle vocals.

“Travel awakens who we are. I loved the construct of a coming-of-age story told through the dreams of a sleeping newborn on its first flight,” said Jay in statement. “This film shows the beauty of flying and how it puts us out into the world to reveal to ourselves who we are with a touch of British charm that is uniquely British Airways.”

The campaign debuted on Friday in the U.K. and will run on channels including ITV and Sky in the coming days. Later this month, British Airways will run an OOH series.

British Airways, Uncommon Creative Studio and MG OMD took home the Outdoor Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions in 2023 for its work launching “A British Original” in 2022. The campaign focused on the common question travelers are asked when they land in a new destination: “What is the purpose of your visit?,” but instead of ticking the standard boxes of “business” or “leisure,” viewers see more meaningful and relatable answers for travel celebrating each original reason.