Burger King and Netflix made a 'Money Heist' billboard game

Customers using the BK app could 'steal' Whoppers from digital signs in Argentina

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Dec 20, 2021

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Burger King is known for its renegade marketing tactics, and now, it’s teaming up a renegade icon from the entertainment world for its latest campaign— "Money Heist.” 

The popular Netflix show centers on a group of bank robbers who conceive elaborate, ingenious way to rob institutions including The Bank of Spain and The Royal Mint of Spain. Burger King is inviting consumers to become “robbers” themselves with “Whopper Heist,” an activation that encourages them to “steal” Whoppers off of its billboards.

The effort from We Believers utilizes NFC technology that allows digital signs featuring BK’s famous Whopper to connect with the BK app on the phones of passersby. When those customers hold up their phones to the poster, they can then “steal” the burgers off the sign and onto their phones to score a Whopper in real life. 

Burger King thousands of Whoppers on various signs throughout the streets of Buenos Aires. Those would also trigger the BK apps on people’s devices to inform then how many burgers were left and alert them when they were in the vicinity of a potential “steal.” 

“Why should you pay for a Whopper when you can steal it?” the campaign video asks.

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Dec 20, 2021
Client :
Burger King
Agency :
We Believers
Chief Creative Officer :
Gustavo Lauria
Creative Director :
Nicolas Centroni
Creative Director :
Fernando Serra
Copywriter :
Nicolas Centroni
Art Director :
Fernando Serra
Head of Production :
Marcia Jaes
Account Director :
Nallely Recinas
Creative Coordinator :
Rocio Fernandez Sasso
Production Company :
Director :
Kevin Zeta
Production Company :
The Movement
Vanina Falcone
EP :
Juan Manuel Cuervo
Editor :
Kevin Zeta
Music House :
Julian Principe
Sound Design and Mix :
Bamba Music
Postpro / vfx :
Postpro / vfx :
Teo Palvi
Technology Development :
The Pasto
Lead Engineer :
Agustin Mende
BK Client :
Iwo Zakowski
BK Client :
Alexandre Antonello
BK Client :
Barbara Regis
BK Client :
Nicolás Iribarne
BK Client :
María Luz Fochezato
BK Client :
María Clara Buceta
BK Client :
Nerina Baldassarre
Facundo Mele
Ignacio Dantas

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