Burger King made a silent drive-thru for people who hate small talk

Fast feeder's campaign running in Finland honors the locals' tendency to keep quiet

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Oct 11, 2019

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The people of Finland are famously known for hating small talk and for being experts in the "art of keeping quiet."

Even words spent ordering a burger might be considered a burden, so Burger King paid homage to this cultural tendency by creating what it bills to be the world’s first “silent drive-thru.”

The service, conceived with agency Superson, is actually a mobile innovation for the fast feeder. Customers register on an app called “Restis,” on which they input credit card information, make an order and note when they’d like to pick up their order. Then, instead of going through the traditional drive-thru lane, they wait at a designated silent drive area, where a BK staffer will drop off their meal swiftly and silently.  

“It’s a bit of exaggeration, of course, but there’s an honest truth behind it,” said Toni Flyckt, Burger King Finland marketing director, in a statement. “Many Finns are, in fact, private and shy people who don’t particularly enjoy having any conversation with someone we are unfamiliar with—even while picking up their food. We wanted to use that positive stereotype of our fellow Finns and create a totally new kind of drive-thru service.”

According to Flyckt, the whole process cuts seven to eight minutes off the traditional drive-thru wait for food. It’s also good for the environment, as it reduces cars’ unnecessary idling time. 

“Burger King wants to lead the global innovation process of our entire industry and Finland is a pretty decent place to start that revolution,” added Flyckt. “After all, all this silence gives us a lot of time to think.”