Burger King prints orders on face masks so customers don't even have to speak

Buzzman is back with funny safety idea

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Aug 11, 2020

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Burger King has made some silly (but smart) moves to help ensure that customers stay safe during the pandemic (see this previous idea in which it increased the size of its paper crowns to ensure people stayed safely distanced). Now, the brand has gotten into the business of face masks—but these aren’t your traditional branded cover-ups.

In a campaign from Buzzman, the fast feeder is inviting consumers to create custom BK face masks imprinted with their orders, so they don’t even have to speak when going up to the counter or drive-thru window (It’s well-documented that conversation is an efficient and effective way of transmitting COVID-19).

Consumers can order their masks by commenting on BK’s Facebook and Instagram posts starting August 10.