Burger King radio ads reveal real-life 911 calls about its restaurants

Campaign starting in Ireland also offers free Whoppers to those who fill in feedback online

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May 20, 2022

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Fast food failures can get emotions running high; famously when KFC's U.K. branches ran out of chicken in 2018, people actually called the police. And it turns out Burger King provokes the same kind of panic, as the brand is now revealing in a series of radio ads.

In a global campaign kicking off first in Ireland designed to encourage customers to give the chain their feedback online, the ads play back some real-life 911 calls featuring people complaining about their Burger King experience. In one, a woman wants officers to come down to a Burger King drive-thru and make them give her the correct burger because they keep making her the wrong one—much to the bewilderment of the call operator. 

In another recording of a real-life call, a man calls 911 because he ordered lemonade at a Burger King restaurant and can't get it because they've run out. 


Both spots end with the message, "if you have feedback to give, at least get something out of it." They then direct listeners to an online feedback form. Anyone who gives feedback about their Burger King experience there will be able to claim a free Whopper.

Following Ireland, the campaign will roll out globally in different markets yet to be announced. It was created via David Buenos Aires, whose creative team found 911 call recordings that were in the public domain

“We love getting feedback from our guests and finding ways to improve our food and the overall experience for our guests. When we say ‘Have It Your Way’ we truly mean it," said Iwo Zakowski, global head of brand marketing at Burger King, in a statement. "Though giving feedback in the right channel is crucial, regardless of whether it’s negative or positive—so, we’re encouraging our guests to speak their mind in a forum where we can best learn and truly make an impact.”