Burger King uses 'grill lines' to troll its rivals

Outdoor campaign by BBH makes a design feature out of its signature flame grill marks

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Jul 07, 2022

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In its latest attempt to remind consumers that it's all about its flame-grilled taste, Burger King is running a striking U.K. outdoor campaign that makes a design feature out of its "grill lines" and trolls rival fast food brands with it.

Burger King - The Other Guys Don't Have Any Marks

The billboards, created via BBH, feature various designs that incorporate a minimalist, seven-line pattern of grill lines stamped on a burger patty. Each execution also has a seven-word tagline, a word for each line: for example, "Some lines are actually worth queuing for," or "this is what makes it a Whopper." Many also troll rival fast food chains: for example, next to a Five Guys logo are the words "The other guys don't have any marks" and next to KFC, "Some colonels haven't earned their stripes yet." For McDonald's, it's "only a clown would forget their lines." Some of the billboards are placed in locations next to those rivals too. 

Burger King - Some Colonels Haven't Earned Their Stripes Yet

The idea is also carried through to limited edition packaging for Whopper during July, and t-shirts worn by employees in Burger King’s Leicester Square restaurant in London. 

Burger King - This Is What Makes It A Whopper

"We've been flame grilling for over 60 years and our grill lines are as iconic as our mouth-watering Whoppers," said Soco Nunez de Cela, brand and communications director at Burger King UK, in a statement. "With a creatively distinctive and unique campaign, BBH has brought to life how our branding goes beyond our logo, to a fiery stamp of superior quality and flavor." 





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