From Exploding Watermelon to Cuddly Puppies. Buzzfeed Teams With Subaru on Facebook Live Experience

Site's First Brand Partnership Will See the Critters Play With Bubbles and Mud

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Oct 20, 2016
BuzzFeed Live Puppies

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Buzzfeed, which had viewers 'round the world glued to their screens watching a ridiculous scenario of a duo in space suits trying to explode a watermelon with rubberbands on Facebook Live, has now teamed with Subaru for its first brand collaboration. This time, it involves puppies.

Subaru, of course is known for its cute advertising dog tales. Today at 4:00 pm EST, it's bring the fluffy critters to "BuzzFeed Live with Puppies," streaming for about 45 minutes on @BuzzFeed Animals. Throughout the segment, viewers can watch the pups play about with bubbles, mud and water -- a recipe that no doubt will produce much blubbery gushing at screens all over.

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