Cadbury put up adorable tiny billboards in U.K. for its Mini Eggs

VCCP London hatched the ‘Easter’s Biggest Egg’ campaign with Girl&Bear and Bernadette on custom-built JCDecaux displays

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Mar 26, 2024
A tiny billboard showing a single Cadbury Mini Egg in London's Picadilly Circus

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Honey, I shrunk the billboards!

Looks can be deceiving, though. If you take a step back, you’ll be able to see the truth of these billboards: Even though they are small, they capture the big taste of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

This is the approach taken in the newest campaign from Cadbury agency of record VCCP London, which celebrates the popular chocolates with a campaign big enough for them. (The candies are just 3 centimeters tall, to be precise, or a little over 1 inch).

These social-first pieces are built on custom-made JCDecaux mini-billboard displays.

Tiny billboard for Cadbury Mini Eggs

Tiny billboard for Cadbury Mini Eggs

Maybe they’ll need an “Enlarged to show detail” disclaimer in small print, similar to those on cereal boxes, but the difference might not be significant. For those unfamiliar with the uniqueness of Cadbury Mini Eggs, their appeal lies in their name, which truthfully describes their shape and bite size.

The small-scale campaign includes miniature pieces created by model-maker Paul Baker. Baker created tiny ladders and brushes that resemble those used for poster pasting—as seen in a social video, where, at first glance, everything appears to be the correct size, until a curious thumb is seen in the frame.


“While others clamour for attention with loud, flashy ads, Cadbury Mini Eggs proudly embrace their small yet mighty stature,” said Charlotte Parkes, senior brand manager for Easter at Mondelēz International, in a statement.

Tiny billboard for Cadbury Mini Eggs

Tiny billboard for Cadbury Mini Eggs

The campaign was made on a tiny budget by a small team at VCCP London, along with production company Girl&Bear and creative digital agency Bernadette.

Tiny billboard for Cadbury Mini Eggs

Two other social videos show one billboard at night, with bikers and traffic visible in the background, and another with pigeons flying across it.


“It’s been five years since the last big Cadbury Mini Eggs campaign. Here’s a small one instead,” said Emma Houlston and Colin McKean, creative directors at VCCP London. “We love Mini Eggs and we love these beautifully crafted mini billboards, so couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate these magnificent little eggs.”

The campaign launched March 21 and will run across organic social media in the U.K.

As adorable as they are, tiny billboards are nothing new. Their long legacy stretches at least as far back as 2008 and Deutsch’s campaign for “Little Big Planet” on PlayStation 3.


Mar 26, 2024
Client :
Agency :
VCCP London
Senior Brand Manager :
Charlotte Parkes
Executive Creative Director :
Chris Birch
Executive Creative Director :
Jonathan Parker
Creative Director :
Emma Houlston
Creative Director :
Colin McKean
Business Director :
Charlie Griffith
Account Director :
Oli Robinson
Senior Account Manager :
Fiona Hanna
Production Company :
Creative Producer :
Crystal Matthews
Designer :
Leila Amin
Production Assistant :
Angeline Gill
Post Producer :
Finlay Macaulay
Post Producer :
Bilal Singh-Butt
Director of Photography :
Ed Roe
Photographer :
Farihah Chowdhury
Model Maker :
Paul Baker
Sound Design :
Emily Vizard
Editor :
Fernando Vera

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