Can't Stop, Won't Stop

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Jun 02, 2021


DripDrop and independent agency Mekanism launched a new campaign that focuses on the unseen, unsung heroes that place themselves in harm's way without anyone knowing their name. Having proven effective on humanitarian relief missions across the globe, the brand’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” campaign was born out of a need to keep the good going. DripDrop is an enhanced medical-grade rehydration solution created with mission-critical workers in mind. 

"Most sports drinks celebrate highly paid athletes who get thirsty while playing. DripDrop is different. DripDrop honors professional badasses overlooked by sports drink advertising. These are athletes on an uncommon mission therefore they need something more; mission critical hydration." says Mekanism Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Tommy Means.

According to the Medical News Today:

  • 75% of people are dehydrated everyday
  • 10-15% loss of the body’s water is characterized as severe dehydration, where people who work in higher altitudes, athletes and others are the most at risk
  • Electrolytes are chemicals that regulate hydration in the body and are crucial for nerve and muscle function



As we look forward to our newfound freedom as CDC restrictions roll back, DripDrop is focusing on making sure public safety and emergency workers have the essential tool they need to get their jobs done. From wildland firefighters and underwater construction welders to rock climbers and military personnel, DripDrop will give the extra push needed to complete the objective. 

“DripDrop was developed by a Mayo trained physician who understood that no one is immune to dehydration and the effects it has on our bodies,” said Hilary Hanley, Vice President of Marketing, DripDrop. “We are excited and proud of this campaign as it highlights critical workers laying it all out there, and tackles dehydration so that they can perform when they’re needed most. That’s true always, and especially during a pandemic.” 

DripDrop provides the rehydration solution for people who have decided to live full and live big. The campaign looks to provide dehydration relief fast and will run online from May 17 through August 30.







Jun 02, 2021
Creative Agency :
Client :
Pat O’Dea
VP Marketing :
Hilary Hanley
Chief Creative Officer :
Tommy Means
Creative Director :
Ben Heller
Copywriter :
Peter Fetterling
Art Director :
Matt DeMilner
Jr. Art Director :
Ingrid Oliveira
Project Manager :
Lena Correia
Chief Operating Officer :
Mike Zlatoper
Managing Director :
Kirby Brooks Todd
Brand Director :
Danielle Sabalvaro
Brand Director :
Kristin Takahashi
Group Strategy Director :
Lexi Whelan
Head of Media :
Carrie Dino
Director of Analytics :
Juan Pacheco
Associate Media Director :
Kevin Renwick
Media Supervisor :
David Ling
Media Planner :
Sophie Glover
Associate Social Strategy Director :
Jessica Gaylord
Head of Production :
Kati Haberstock
Producer :
Veronika Fontaine
Production Company :
Farm League
Director :
Tim Wheeler
Executive Producer :
Tim Lynch
Executive Producer :
Michael Pizzo
Amado Stachenfeld
Producer :
Drew Toresco
DP :
Chris Alstrin
DP :
East Cherry
DP :
Eli Thor Magnusson
Editor :
Ian McGee
Color :
Gregory Reese
Music :
Dave Wittman
Music :
New Math

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