Interflora Is the Latest Brand to Use a Teddy Bear to Tug at Our Heartstrings

One Eyed Bear Highlights Loneliness Over the Holidays

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Nov 22, 2016

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Interflora has joined the bevy of advertisers this year -- including Heathrow Airport, Migros and Harrods -- using teddy bears as the centerpieces of emotive Christmas spots.

The flower delivery brand's Danish spot is about a little girl and her love for a one-eyed teddy bear at her new preschool. As the other kids talk and play with each other, she busies herself with the teddy, her new best friend, taking care of him so lovingly that she hardly seems to notice that Mom is late to pick her up at the end of the day.

Home among all the Christmas celebrations, the little girl stares out at the snow thinking of the teddy -- she's set up him all snug in a playhouse, wearing an eyepatch and holding a saucepan. The tagline is "Remember those you miss this Christmas."

According to Interflora, the ad is aimed at highlighting loneliness -- as, with a high rate of divorced families, many Danes experience Christmas alone. "We can all help make the world a less lonely place," CEO Soren Larsen said in a statement. "Even though a lot of us don't see all of our family or friends for Christmas, we can still let them know that we love them and that we are thinking of them. It's very simple, but often gets forgotten in the chaos of Christmas planning."

Martin Werner of Bacon directed the spot, for Danish agency Brandhouse. It's affecting in a low-key way, with a haunting music track -- an original composition by Louise Alenius and Ben Kaniewski -- lending it a particularly bittersweet air.