Centenarians list their New Year’s resolutions in charming ad for Northwell Health

The ‘age-friendly’ health system highlights its support of people living the longest, fullest lives they can

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Dec 18, 2023
A centenarian Black woman in a purple sweater

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The stars of Northwell Health’s New Year’s campaign have already achieved plenty in life—but they’ve got much more living to do.

The sweet 30-second spot below, from agency StrawberryFrog, features eight centenarians who are asked about their New Year’s resolutions. All of them have plenty of plans—from dancing the Electric Slide to possibly going skydiving. The simple, direct testimonials will help spread a positive message about health and longevity at the holidays.


StrawberryFrog said it estimates there are about 5,000 centenarians living in the New York area. Several of the stars of the commercial are among the more than 2 million patients Northwell treats annually. Highlighting centenarians felt like a fresh way to put New Year’s in perspective, the agency and client said.

“As the year comes to a close and the spirit of celebration fills the air, ads start pushing products, hawking toys and sweaters across TV screens and TikTok channels, assaulting our eyeballs,” said Scott Goodson, Founder of StrawberryFrog. “But 2023 marks change with the launch of ‘Resolutions’ offering new champions for a healthier lifestyle. This commercial shares a poignant message, with a great twist—the centenarians don’t just celebrate their wonderful age, they’re planning on living for many years to come, despite age.”

“We have a unique responsibility in health care to support people in living the longest, fullest lives they can—to help give those we serve the opportunity to make another resolution year after year after year,” said Joe Leston, deputy chief marketing officer at Northwell. “The centenarians in this campaign inspire us with their wisdom and their wit and show us the importance of following your passions for a healthy and fulfilling life.”

Northwell has been recognized as an “age-friendly” health system by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and The John A. Hartford Foundation for expanding geriatric care. 


Dec 18, 2023
Client :
Northwell Health
Agency :
Ramon Soto
Deputy CMO :
Joe Leston
Senior Director Brand :
Craig Konieczko
Senior Manager Brand :
Kate Egan
Senior Multimedia Producer :
Jackie Cohen
AVP Creative Services :
Sarah DiBari
Senior Director Creative Services :
James Kostolni
Senior Graphic Designer :
Tracy Brigandi
Chief Executive Officer :
Scott Goodson
Chief Creative Officer :
Tyler DeAngelo
Creative Director :
Amy Nicholson
Creative Director :
Greg Collins
Managing Director :
Dan Langlitz
Business Director :
Taylor Robertson
Producer :
Jeanette Gonzalez
Business Affairs Director :
Venessa Merrin
Senior Project Manager :
Heidi Newcom
Group Strategy Director :
Ali Demos
Director :
Steve Mapp
Founder/Executive Producer :
Robert Wherry
Executive Producer :
Carolyn Pedrossian
Nancy Gaelen
Line Producer :
Brian Bennhoff
Production Supervisor :
Angela Griffith
Assistant Production Supervisor :
Mike Vitiello
Executive Producer :
Gina Pagano
Post Producer :
Alex Pinkett
Editor :
Mike Rizzo
Assistant Editor :
Evelyn Chat
Music House :
JSM Music
Chief Creative Officer :
Joel Simon
Executive Producer :
Jeff Fiorello
Senior Producer :
Norm Felker
Producer :
Andrew Manning
Producer :
Sharon Cha
Co-Composer :
Joel Simon
Co-Composer :
Jason T Miller

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