This campaign will turn your cheese dreams into real ads

Pilgrim's Choice is taking its creative inspiration from fans' subconscious

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May 21, 2018

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Fans of cheese will be familiar with the idea that the yellow stuff can give you vivid dreams, and so U.K. cheese brand Pilgrim's Choice has placed this idea at the center of its marketing.

In a campaign by Above & Beyond, the brand has been asking people to share their #cheesedreams on social media, and promising to turn them into advertising. Its first ad, seen here, is a one-minute film that brings to life a real consumer's dream. It's a blend of live performance, puppetry and CGI, animated by Josepth Mann at Blinkink, and ends with a call to action for other cheese fans to share their dreams and have them turned into animated gifs.

It's a strategy that reminds us somewhat of Johnsonville's turning of employees ad ideas into real creative work, and it certainly lends a note of fun and authenticity to the brand. David Billing, chief creative officer at Above+Beyond, says, "It's been an incredible thing, putting these weird stories generated by real people's subconsciouses, not the pens of creatives, on screen."

So does cheese really make you dream weirdly? Well according to the brand, the strategy was inspired by research into the naturally occurring amino acids in cheese, which indicates that the idea may be more than an old wives' tale; and that a strong cheddar is more likely to have this effect.


May 21, 2018
Brand :
Pilgrims Choice
Agency :
Above & Beyond
Production Company :
Director :
Joseph Mann
Co-Director :
Rune Spaans
Executive Producer :
Bart Yates
Producer :
Matt Marsh
Post Production :
Sound Design :
Media :
Music Composition :
Soviet Science

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