The Cheetos 'House of Flamin' Haute' will have you looking like a snack

The New York Fashion Week tie-up was inspired by fans on social media

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Sep 06, 2019

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The snack brand is putting their “orange-dusted finger tips all over the fashion and beauty world” this weekend, just ahead of New York Fashion Week.

In Chelsea in New York City, an orange carpet rolls up to the Cheetos ‘House of Flamin’ Haute.’ The brand worked with agency The Marketing Arm to create a one-of-a-kind (albeit a little cheesy) flamin’ hot phenomenon to kick-off New York Fashion Week.

The idea for the ‘House of Flamin’ Haute’ came from fans on social media. “You see people who would do their make-up inspired by Flamin’ Hot, or do their hair inspired by Chester,” says Brandi Ray, senior director of marketing at Cheetos. “We really took inspiration from our fans and asked how do you amplify that even more?”

Cheetos dust on fire


The fashion house is launching 21 Cheetos-inspired outfits, including one designed by costume designer Ami Goodheart. For the rest of the looks, the brand worked with influencers @luanna, @HungryHipsters, @thenavarose and @stylistjbolin. Patrons and Fashionistas can also get a “Paws & Claws” manicure, “Chester’s Ombre Kiss” eye make-up, and “Cheetah Tail Braids” or “Dangerously Cheesy Brow” treatments at the in-house salon.

“Chester’s always cooking up something, literally and figuratively,” says Ray. “And this is all about lookin’ like a snack!”

Cheetos manicure

The Cheetos ‘House of Flamin’ Haute’ is open September 5-7 at 135 W 18th St.