A Chevy truck has big competition in the form of a supercat

Talented feline named Walter does amazing things alongside vehicle's multi-flex tailgate in ad from Commonwealth McCann that broke during Olympics

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Jul 27, 2021

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Chevrolet is redefining the pro-dog phrase “man’s best friend” and, no, it’s not his truck. It’s his cat. In the lead film for a new campaign that will air throughout the Olympics, a talented feline named Walter gives the 2021 Chevy Silverado a run for its money.

The star of the spot called “Cat” is an adorable, grey shorthair that can do it all. In a way that resembles canine behavior, he comes running when his owner calls his name. He flexes his feline ferocity by intimidating other cats. He plays fetch. He even herds cattle.

When Walter chases a stick thrown by his owner into a lake, a nearby fisherman exclaims, “That is incredible.”

The owner thinks he’s referring to his new Chevy Silverado and proceeds to run through the functions of its unique, multi-purpose tailgate.

“I meant the cat,” the fisherman clarifies, astounded as Walter trots onto the beach, stick in mouth.

The playful video comes from agency Commonwealth/McCann and was directed by O Positive's Jim Jenkins. The Mill was behind the visual effects that enabled Walter to wrangle livestock and take perch at the bow of a moving boat.

“Cat” is accompanied by two additional videos for other Chevy vehicles: “Flex,” a play on the slang term for showing off, and “Video Game,” in which a father finds comfort in Chevy Equinox’s safety features as he watches his son violently rampage on a racing game.

"Cat" is a silly, humorous change of pace on the tail of the brand's previous campaign to celebrate the return of baseball earlier this year.