Show-and-tell becomes a badge of courage in this children's hospital spot

Colle McVoy creates a regional Super Bowl ad featuring kids who give it their all

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Jan 31, 2019

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Kids rarely have a sense of their own limitations. They attack challenges with gusto born of eternal optimism. At least, the kids in the latest campaign from pediatric care provider Children’s Health do. Though they’re dealing with injuries and illnesses, they fly down hospital hallways, on crutches or in wheelchairs, with capes or swords and without fear.

Rather than focus on doctors, services or equipment, a 60-second spot from Colle McVoy celebrates the strength of kids as they recover from cancer and surgery. A student athlete undergoes painful rehab for his knee, and a young boy works up the courage to show off his impressive scar.

The spot introduces the campaign, which will roll out over the rest of the year with additional TV spots, social assets and print and out-of-home placements. It will run during the Super Bowl on Sunday, in a regional ad buy for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, where Children’s Health is based.

The celebration of kids' strength over focusing on their ailments is reminiscent of the approach taken by Canada's SickKids' foundation, whose work via Cossette has cast children with illness as powerful warriors and their parents as bedrocks as they take heir challenges head on.


Jan 31, 2019

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