A 'Churkey' is Uber Eats and Popeyes' answer to those who prefer chicken for Thanksgiving

Brands team up to create a special meal for those with a hankering for a different kind of bird (and a lot less work)

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Nov 19, 2020

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Why spend hours roasting a turkey when in a matter of minutes you can have—Churkey? Uber Eats has teamed up with Popeyes to offer diners an alternative to your typical time-consuming bird. In a digital and in-app promotion, the brands are promoting the new "Churkey" meal, which consists of an eight-peace family meal, one large side and four biscuits, for about $19.99. 

To drive home the point that the offering is the perfect seasonal stand-in for Thanksgiving fowl, Uber Eats and Popeyes’ digital ads depict the meal in a turkey-shaped container, which opens to reveal the various pieces of fried chicken goodness. That said, the Churkey meal doesn't actually come in a turkey and isn't even available on Thanksgiving (Popeyes restaurants will be closed that day). But the brands suggest it will make a suitable "Friendsgiving" meal

The effort was conceived with Special Group, the agency behind Uber Eats’ recent “Tonight I’ll Be Eating” campaign depicting unexpected duos like Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart as well as Simone Biles and Jonathan Van Ness. The agency conceived the ads, which feature witty lines like "Turkey is great when it's chicken" and "Turkey never tasted so chicken."


The campaign also included a promotional kit consisting of an actual plastic bird vessel and the meal, which was sent to press and influencers, including Ad Age.


The Popeyes Churkey meal will be available, sans container, through Nov. 29 via Uber Eats. For those who still want a bird-shaped food holder for their dinner table, there’s always the internet. And if it's any consolation, those who spend at least $20 on their Churkey order will also get a coupon for a free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.