This condom brand is urging parents to get their millennial kids to have more sex

Australian brand Four Seasons wants to them to stage an 'intervention' in campaign by CHE Proximity

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Jan 22, 2020

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When parents sit down with their children to have "the talk" about sex, it's usually the one about the birds and the bees. But an Australian condom brand now wants them to have another important face-to-face chat—it's encouraging moms and dads to get their millennial kids to have more sex.

Four Seasons Condoms cites statistics revealing that young adults in Australia are having 50 percent less sex than their parents’ generation. It's urging parents to "stage an intervention" with a campaign by agency CHE Proximity, based around the "Generation Intervention Pack," a limited-edition educational kit designed to equip parents have the talk with their adult children.

The pack, launched at a music festival over the New Year, was created in collaboration with sexologist Jacqueline Hellyer and contains a pamphlet that details the challenges that young adults face today and the reasons why they may not be having sex, as well as 52 "Ice Breaker" cards for parents to help kickstart the conversation with their offspring. Four Seasons Condoms will be giving away 400 packs for free for a limited time. 

As well as the pack, the campaign also includes videos, seen below, created with influencers such as YouTube star and Twitch partner Oren Hipwell and comedian and podcaster Tom Armstrong. The parents of the influencers were filmed "intervening," and embarrassing their children with questions about their sexual behavior. The three films will live on influencer sites and on the Four Seasons Condoms social pages.


Creative also includes OOH ads  and a PR campaign executed by CHEP’s PR agency, Attention + Influence, as well as a campaign hotline which will be manned by parents trained in how to have "The Talk 2.0."

“Australia’s lowered libido can be linked to a range of factors including social media, dating apps, Netflix, pornography, alongside societal pressures and mental health challenges," said Wesley Hawes, executive creative director at CHE Proximity in Sydney. "While younger generations might be sending more nude pics, the reality is, young adults are having far less sex than any other age group. With this campaign we wanted to tap into an unexpected, yet knowledgeable resource–parents ... from parents of influencers to everyday parents who will operate our hotline.”


Jan 22, 2020
Four Seasons Condoms
CHE Proximity
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