Corona used CGI to hang a gigantic hammock between buildings in Peru

Realistic CGI stunt fooled some consumers, sparked social media chatter

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Feb 22, 2024
A giant CGI Corona branded hammock hanging from two buildings.

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What looked like a spot for Godzilla to chill out was actually a stunt promoting Corona beer that sent social media aflame in Peru.

The innovative advertising campaign used computer-generated imagery to string a gigantic hammock between two buildings in Miraflores, an upscale shopping district in Lima. Just like a real hammock, it swayed, cast a shadow, and enticed passersby to want to take a rest in it. Posts on social media debated as to whether the hammock was real, as the hashtag #HamacaGigante trended to the No. 3 position in Peru.

Developing the idea required meticulous planning by Publicis Peru’s creative teams, the agency said. “The challenge was to find the perfect location and ensure that the CGI integration looked absolutely realistic,” said Beto Noriega, chief creative officer of Publicis Peru. “We did extensive technical and artistic testing. 3D tracking was key, allowing us to integrate the virtual elements with the camera movement and achieve the desired hyperrealism.”

Together with Corona’s marketing team, Publicis Groupe summoned help from Zenith (media), The Pub (production), Digitas (digital creative and influence) and Publicis Peru (creative development).

The stunt supported the “This is living” campaign from Corona, which is controlled by Anheuser-Busch InBev everywhere but in the U.S., where Constellation Brands manages the brand.