Corona will whisk passengers who miss flights away to its private island

The brand is hoping to ease airport stress in campaign by David Bogota

Published On
Nov 11, 2022

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Having opened "Corona Island" earlier this year, the beer brand is now using the luxury eco destination as part of a campaign designed to ease some of the airport stress afflicting travelers at the moment.

In a promotional campaign by David Bogota, travelers who miss their flights at airports, whether that's because of traffic, a gate change or any other reason, are invited to cancel their original bookings and enter "Corona Gate"  a branded gate in select airports around the world, choosing to be flown to the Caribbean to Corona Island for a five day holiday.

The campaign has already kicked off in Argentina, where 50 travelers have already benefited from the experience, and will soon launch in Canada and South Africa after a pause for the World Cup season.

"Corona Island is already a great idea...but we needed to connect it with the daily routines of the people and that's where the Corona Gate solved a tension in the airports, just right where the people can make a decision to get to paradise and disconnect from chaos,” said Miguel Merino, global communication director of Corona, in a statement.