Audi's Moon Rover Goes Looking for an 'Unidentified Lifeform' in 'Alien: Covenant' Teaser

Latest Promo for Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant' Is Another Smart Brand Integration

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Apr 27, 2017

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During Super Bowl 2016, Audi debuted an ad about a retired, despondent astronaut who regains his lust for adventure by taking off, once again, in an R8. The endline read, "Choosing the moon brings out the best in us."

It turns out Audi has been shooting for the moon, for real, engineering vehicles for space exploration. The initiative is front and center in a new teaser for Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming "Alien: Covenant," Ridley Scott's latest addition to his famous sci-fi horror franchise, which features the auto brand's real-life moon rover, the Audi Lunar Quattro.

Created in partnership by 3AM, Audi and Twentieth Century Fox, the film depicts the Lunar Quattro on a mission within the "Covenant" universe (and filmed on its actual set). It detects an "unidentified lifeform" and goes on a solo search -- only to be stopped in its tracks when it encounters the movie's character Cole (Uli Latukefu). Turns out, he wasn't the warm body that had triggered the radar.

That's just a taste of Audi's role, as it also helps lead character Faris (Amy Seimetz) navigate the terrain of an unknown planet in the actual film.

The idea is a clever integration of the brand and smart way to promote Audi's own iniatives in space engineering. Since 2015, the brand has been collaborating with engineering firm Part-Time Scientists, led by CEO Robert Bohme, to develop the rover and send it on an actual mission to the Moon.

This adds to the film's list of smart, seamless brand integrations. Previously, it gave AMD a significant yet unobtrusive role in a film introducing the character Walter, played by Michael Fassbender.


Apr 27, 2017
Twentieth Century Fox/Audi
Twentieth Century Fox/Audi

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