The Top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now: October 9, 2019

Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now

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Oct 09, 2019

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. McDonald’s: 'McDelivery Takeout Menus,' Nord DDB
McDonald’s and NordDDB went really basic with this smart idea. The Golden Arches wanted to promote its McDelivery service in Sweden, so it co-opted a familiar tactic of its competitors and created its own cheap takeaway menus.


4. Burger King: 'We worked hard on the price, nott on the ad,' 'Only for Mexicans,' Buzzman; We Believers
Burger King delivered social gold with its latest ideas from different parts of the world. In Belgium, BK and agency Buzzman didn’t even try on its half-finished campaign full of typos. That’s because they wanted to put all their effort into keeping the price of BK's King meal as low as possible. Then, in Mexico, with agency We Believers, the brand documented how wimpy Americans were when it comes to eating its spicy burger, the Mango Habanero King. The idea was meant to show that the burger is "Only for Mexicans."


3. One Medical: 'Better Days,' Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Giant Spoon
A really surprising move from a medical care brand. Primary care provider One Medical was behind this new track from Justin Bieber’s main songwriter Jason ‘Poo Bear’ Boyd and Jinglepunks CCO Jared Gutstadt. Entitled “Better Days,” its lyrics also include words from anonymous social media posts from people struggling with mental health. The point is to highlight One Medical’s extensive mental health support for all its patients. The track is also part of a unique media buy and runs within Boyd and Gutstadt’s new music-driven iHeart podcast, “Bear and Banjo.”


2. Wendy’s: 'Feast of Legends,' In-house
Wendy’s scored a huge Cannes Grand Prix-winning hit when it sent its pigtailed spokescharacter into the realm of “Fortnite.” Now, it’s trying to lure D&D and other role-playing fans with a game it dropped at Comic-Con, “Feast of Legends.” The RPG is set in the fictional land of “Freshtopia,” where players are sent on a quest by Queen Wendy and have to defend their frozen beef-free kingdom from villains like the Ice Jester.


1. Thinx: 'MENstruation,' BBDO New York
Period-proof underwear brand Thinx debuted its first TV campaign. Created out of BBDO and directed by Rachel McDonald via Biscuit, it’s sure to grab viewers’ attention as it depicts an imaginary world where guys, not just the ladies, have periods too.


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Oct 09, 2019

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