Watch an Escape From the Depressing 'Dating Apocalypse' in a Gorgeous Animation

Ad for Hinge App Does Away With Swiping

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Oct 12, 2016

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Dating app Hinge portrays the "Dating Apocalypse" (a term coined by Vanity Fair last year to describe how apps have changed the world of romance) in a beautifully animated film designed to illustrate how its newly updated app has done away with swiping.

Created by NYC digital production company The Studio and agency Red Antler, the film is set in a dystopian funfair filled with rides such as "Cycle of Loneliness," a ferris wheel with only one seat, "Catch a Catfish" where you have to guess if the person is real or fake and a "Hall of Filters."

Our male protagonist wanders gloomily with his phone among zombie-fied, grey-faced people looking for romance. Even when he finds someone he potentially likes, a glitch swipes her away and she's replaced by someone else. That's until he escapes through a door marked "Hinge" into a blissful, pastel-colored world where everyone's happily engaging with each other, not just staring dead-eyed at their screens. The online film is set to the soundtrack of Heart's "What About Love?" and ends by proclaiming Hinge as the "relationship app" rather than just another dating app.

An 18-strong team of artists worked on the project, and The Studio used real actors, including two who were in a relationship, on which to model the animated characters. As well as the film, The Studio also created social media content including memes, GIFs, videos and a promotional trailer.