Dating app Feeld adds ‘celibacy’ user option and places new ads over Bumble’s old ones

Inspired by the talk around celibacy, Mojo Supermarket helped develop Feeld’s new feature—and ads promoting it

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May 17, 2024
Feeld ads pasted over Bumble ads

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Celibacy is not the answer, according to a controversial Bumble campaign that was pulled this week following complaints. But Feeld, another dating app, believes it can be the answer for some—and is adjusting its app settings accordingly.

Working with agency Mojo Supermarket, Feeld this week added “Celibacy” as an option in the section where the user chooses a “desire” for their profile. (Other options include “Relationships,” “Bondage,” “Exploration” and so on.) The feature went live late Thursday afternoon. Users must download the app’s latest version to use it.

While Feeld—a kink- and queer-friendly app—is obviously drafting off the Bumble controversy here, it’s an earnest move as well. The conversation around celibacy this week convinced the brand that people actually need a “Celibacy” option on dating apps.

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“Connecting with others and sex can be mutually exclusive, period,” said Nyomi Warren, lead brand designer at Feeld. “We don’t believe in gatekeeping sexuality or writing our people’s stories, because everyone deserves the freedom to discover themselves—on their own terms. Our communities on Feeld have created a special space where all journeys are welcome and valued. So whether you’re celibate now or later, we get you.”

As part of the campaign, Feeld found some of Bumble’s outdoor executions that are still up and pasted over them with new messaging.

Feeld ads pasted over Bumble ads

“Since day one, Feeld has celebrated everyone's unique journey. For more and more people that journey may include celibacy,” said Hailey Lawrence and KS Shanti, associate creative directors at Mojo Supermarket. “And if there’s any dating platform to open its arms to those looking for intimacy in new ways, it’s going to be Feeld. We hope this filter successfully lets people know that whatever you’re into—or not into—you can find it on Feeld.” 

Image of Feeld's new Celibacy option

It’s been an eventful week for brands responding to other brands’ fails—as we saw on Wednesday, when Samsung offered a snarky reply to Apple’s contentious “Crush” spot.

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May 17, 2024
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Mojo Supermarket

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