Beckham: Covered or Uncovered? H&M Lets Fans Vote on Super Bowl Ad Ending

Contest to Vote on Ad Ending Begins on Monday

Published On
Jan 23, 2014

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H&M has revealed more details -- and a little more David Beckham -- for its 2014 Super Bowl push. The company previously announced that its second big game appearance featuring the soccer superstar and promoting his bodywear line would be a shoppable spot. Today, it revealed that starting on Monday, fans will be invited to choose the ending of the action-packed ad, shot by acclaimed Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive, Valhalla Rising). A teaser and behind-the-scenes film show Mr. Beckham, once again in his skivvies, sliding down a telephone wire in attempt to make it to a photo shoot. Fans have the option to vote #covered or #uncovered. Scenarios illustrating the options seem to suggest the latter will give viewers a glimpse of the athlete beyond his undies.

Check out Mr. Beckham in H&M's big game debut, a bit more simple in its approach yet no less risque. He also starred in another action-packed H&M ad, directed by Guy Ritchie, which debuted days after last year's game.