Uber Introduces 'de Blasio' Mode

You'll Be Suprised by What it Provides

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Jul 16, 2015

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A few weeks ago in Cannes, when Uber users opened up the transportation network's app, they were likely surprised by a new addition to the service -- UberCopter, a boon to those deep-pocketed travelers who needed a way around the French taxi strike. Today, the company announced a special feature for denizens of New York City, "De Blasio" mode, and they should be tickled by what it provides -- absolutely nothing.

To protest the NYC Mayor's attempt to limit the number of drivers allotted to transportation networks, the company added this fake feature to its app, which will show users that in "de Blasio" mode, no cars are available and then lead them to a petition through which they can show their support for Uber.

The brand also recently debuted a new TV ad that highlights the promise and plight of Uber drivers. The Uber partners discuss how the service has provided relief to New York City dwellers who previously didn't have decent access to car services and taxis and how being part of the network has positively contributed to their own livelihood.

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