Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Defy Death in Mercedes' New Stunt

Jung von Matt's Latest Stunt for F-Cell Sends Stars into Desert Without Drinking Water

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Feb 04, 2014

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The definitely dating, maybe engaged celebrity couple Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson recently took what could have been a roadtrip to hell, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. The automaker, along with agency Jung von Matt, tapped the actors to participate in an interesting experiment that required them to travel through Death Valley for two days -- without any drinking water.

Mercedes wanted to prove the purity of emissions from the brand's F-Cell electric vehicle, which, apparently, emits nothing but safely potable water. So Mercedes and JVM simply strapped a tank to the bank of a car, which would provide the only H20 for the stars' trip.

As you'll see from the video, it wasn't such a hellish excursion after all, and Ms. Kruger and Ms. Jackson end up having an amusing, yet incident-free trip--with 21 liters of water. Full disclosure: according to JVM Creative Director Jonas Keller, "To compensate for the lack of trace element of distilled water, a particulate and carbon-active filter was attached to the water tank." So some healthy "tampering" was involved.

Jung von Matt previously demonstrated the F-Cell's impact-free emissions with "Invisible Drive," the 2012 Cannes Outdoor Grand-Prix winning stunt that rendered the cars invisible.