Use Your Cellphones to Talk to Characters in Infiniti's Eerie Interactive Movie

Audience Can Call In To Affect Characters' Choices

Published On
Oct 24, 2013

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Customers can "talk" on their cellphones with the characters in Deja View, an eerie interactive movie released by carmaker Infiniti in collaboration with N.Y. agency Campfire and directed by Phillip Van. The action centers on a well-groomed couple driving on a desert road in their Infiniti Q50. They seem like a pair, but ultimately, they're unsure of who and where they are, whom to trust and where the heck they're supposed to be going.

That's where the audience comes in. By calling in on their cellphones and actually "talking to" the characters (using technology such as natural language processing systems), viewers will be able to affect the characters' choices and help them work out what's going on. The outcome of the movie, produced out of Stockholm-based Dinah Moe, will be tailored to their choices.