Denny’s made pancake slippers fit for breakfast lovers stuck at home

A pair of P3000 Loungers resembles two fluffy stacks and will be sold on Grailed

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Apr 16, 2021

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Denny’s is eager to please anyone with a hankering for pancakes, especially shoe collectors, launching specialty slippers to be sold on Grailed and given away on Twitter.

Like many shoe drops this is a limited run, with just 20 pairs of P3000 Loungers being produced. They resemble a stack of pancakes topped with syrup and are being handmade by Janelle Marie of Seams Come True.

One pair will be sold on Grailed, with proceeds set to be donated to an unnamed charity. The other pairs will be given away by Denny’s on Twitter on April 20.

Why 4/20? Denny’s suggests it’s “undoubtedly one of the most couch potatoiest days of the year.” (Then why not make hash brown slippers?) Even so, these slippers appear to be the most on-brand food fan footwear since those KFC Crocs resembling a bucket of fried chicken.


There’s a bit of a broader breakfast theme here, too. Denny’s also plans to give away one pair of Nike Air Max 90 Bacon sneakers, and some of its egg hoodies (they’re white sweatshirts with a yellow “yolk” circle on the front introduced in 2016), plus gift cards.

The oversized box for the slippers suggests their intended uses: couch lounging, day snacking, making your pets jealous and impressing authority figures.

Agencies on the project include EP & Company on creative and social media, Spark on paid media and Allison+Partners on PR.