Rude commuters are like bulls, hyenas and turtles in these animated PSAs

The U.K.'s Department for Transport campaign aims for more inclusivity on public transport

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Feb 28, 2020

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A new campaign from the U.K.'s Department for Transport encourages commuters to be more considerate when traveling on public transport—but rather than lecturing, it does it via a series of charming animations depicting people as different animals. 

According to the Department for Transport, in the U.K., disabled people travel up to a third less, with one in four saying negative attitudes from other passengers prevent them from using public transport.

The ads, by VMLY&R U.K., turn commuters into creatures such as a charging bull barging his way through the train platform, spitting lllamas jostling at the ticket barriers, turtles hiding in their shells and turning a blind eye to people needing seat and cackling hyenas eating junk food.

The delightful animations are by directors Smith & Foulkes at Nexus Studios, set to original music track by Siren Factory. Lyrics include lines such as "a little consideration goes a really long way." 

Print executions also using the animal characters explain further, noting that disabled people traveling might be injured by pushing on platforms, or that loud, obnoxious behavior might affect those with mental health conditions. Another ad featuring tortoises encourages people to help out rather than ignoring other passengers when there's a delay, as it might distress someone with autism.

The campaign's tagling is "It's everyone's journey."

"We wanted to highlight that we often don’t realize the impact our behavior has on other travellers and that a little effort can go a long way to making everyone’s journey better,” said Mark Roalfe, Chairman, VMLY&R UK, in a statement.



Feb 28, 2020
Client :
Department for Transport
Agency :
Chief Creative Officer :
Laurent Simon
Chairman :
Mark Roalfe
Creative Director :
Gavin McGrath
Senior Creative :
Perle Arteta
Senior Creative :
Christopher Joyce
Head of Design :
Chris Willis
Strategy Director :
Jonathan Ewles
Strategist :
Micha Levy
Business Director :
Rebecca Bright
Senior Account Manager :
Elliot Duck
Producer :
Tanya Fitzgerald
Project Director :
Beth Dooley
Production Company :
Nexus Studios
Director :
Smith & Foulkes
Executive Creative Director :
Chris O’Reilly
Producer :
Tracey Cooper
Production Manager :
Rebecca Archer
Art Director :
Callum Strachan
Project Supervisor :
Dave Hunt
Design :
Sam Nassour
Design :
Signe Cold
Storyboards :
Morgan Ritchie
Lead Animator :
Bishoy Gendi
Animation :
Duncan Gist
Animation :
Marlène Beaube
Animation :
Sean Weston
Clean up animation :
Joanna Boyle
Clean up animation :
Chiara Sgatti
Clean up animation :
Alexandra “Sasha” Balan
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Eleonora Quario
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Alex Dray
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Christina Nerlan
Composite :
Thomas Ricquier
Composite :
Jesse Richards
Composite :
Bethany Levy
Music :
Sound Design :
Media agency – Planning :
Client Lead :
Louise Rowcliffe
Strategy Lead :
Robin Thomas
Strategy Director :
Matt Hirschler
Account Manager :
Ben Isaacs
Media agency – Buying :
Manning Gottlieb
Client Lead :
Richard Haywood
Effectiveness Manager :
Ben Lees
Partnership Agency :
Creative Director :
Sean Kinmont
Head of Design :
Rob Garner
Client Partner :
Rachel Tattersdill
Account Director :
John Coote

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