Shopping carts turn 'evil' in prank promoting car insurance

Norwegian insurer DNB highlights why you need to insure in candid camera-style spot

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Jan 28, 2021

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Stray shopping carts in parking lots are often to blame for the dents that end up in people's cars. So Norwegian financial services provider DNB is using them to highlight the need to buy its insurance in a fun, candid camera-style prank.

DNB set up "evil" shopping carts with minds of their own across Oslo parking lots. The carts were fitted with remote control and hidden speakers, to make them spookily move on their own and also sound as if they were crashing into cars. It then caught the reactions of unsuspecting shoppers on camera. 

The film was directed by Andreas J. Riiser and produced by Bacon, for agency Try. Even if it doesn't persuade  or remind you to buy insurance, we hope it might at least encourage lazy shoppers to put those carts away where they belong.