Van Damme Performs the 'Nipple Ripple' for Coors Light

Adland's Favorite Muscleman Is Back With Some Serious Dance Moves

Published On
May 14, 2015

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Is there no end to what Jean-Claude Van Damme will do for the ad industry? The former Hollywood action star got Cannes excited by Volvo's Epic Split in 2013 and then last year grew his hair and sculpted ice for Coors Light. Now, as a follow-up for Coors by agency VCCP, you can see him strutting his stuff (in the ice bar he crafted in the previous ad) with a series of ridiculous dance moves.

You can view the different moves -- with names like the Penguin Patter and the Frozen Turtle -- on social media or on the Coors Light website. What's more, Coors is inviting people to "Do the Damme" too, asking them to record their own versions of the moves and upload them to its Facebook page with the hashtag #DotheDamme. The incentive is that Van Damme himself might even comment on them, or you could win a tutorial guide signed by the man himself.

For more crazy Van Damme dance feats, check out this recent episode of Conan, during which he recreated his famous moves from Kickboxer.