Dollar Shave Club wants dudes to open up about their balls

Contest promoting brand's new spray will memorialize winners' testicles as works of art

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Jul 24, 2020

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The latest campaign from Dollar Shave Club is encouraging guys to get some cojones—about their cojones.  

To promote its new Grounds Keeper Ball Spray, which is designed to keep men fresh down there, the D-to-C men’s personal care brand just announced a contest daring consumers to sing the praises of their own testicles on Twitter. Through August 3, DSC wants men to share in 280 words or fewer how their balls make them “resilient, confident and vulnerable.” They’ll need to reply to the brand’s contest Tweet with the hashtags #paintmyballs and #contest. 

Two winners will get $25K each—but arguably, that’s not the best part of the prize. The company has also tapped artist Serge Gay Jr. to turn the winners’ ‘nads into works of art. 

DSC is encouraging participants to get creative with various forms of expression, including poems, songs and stories—but they have to keep it clean. “DO NOT use your cameras,” the brand states in its release. “Remember, this is art.”

The new spray goes for $6 and promises to absorb moisture, reduce chafing and give your package a fresh peppermint tingle. As of now, it's sold out on the DSC site but consumers can join the wait list

Official contest rules can be found here.

Dollar Shave Club Ball Spray