7-Eleven : Domo Slurpee Cups

Domo takes over 7-Eleven.

Published On
Oct 05, 2009

Editor's Pick

This Fall, 7-Eleven will undergo another Simpsons-like takeover—this time, however, by the Japanese character Domo, the brown blockhead with feet created by Japanese illustrator and director Tsuneo Goda, and who also serves as the mascot for Japanese TV station NHK.

Domo will be omnipresent in 7-Eleven stores--his face will appear on coffee cups and hot dog containers, fuzzy Domo toys will dangle from Slurpee straws, and gargantuan open-mouthed Domos will serve as candy displays. 7-Eleven will also be selling a new Domo-inspired Slurpee flavor, Fuji Frost by Fanta as well as various other Domo paraphernalia, including collectible action figures, DVDs, plush characters and clothing.

As part of the promotion, 7-Eleven is releasing a three-part webisode viewable at www.slurpee.com and www.domonation.com, which follows Domo and friends in their quest for a Slurpee. The films were created by dwarf inc., the Japanese animation company that originally created Domo. Each episode will debut weekly on the sites starting on October 1.