If You Love Bacon, Don't Skip This Pre-Roll Ad

British Sandwich Retailer Eat Makes Clever Use of 'Skip Ad' Button to Advertise a Bacon Roll

Published On
Oct 01, 2014

Editor's Pick

Bacon: the one food that can tempt vegetarians back to the world of meat, and now, it seems, those who skip pre-roll ads back into watching them. U.K. sandwich-and-snack chain Eat (a competitor to the likes of Pret a Manger) is running a pre-roll ad on YouTube that will quite possibly have you salivating over a bacon roll, just like the guy who's featured in the video. After a large-type message that says "Don't Skip Breakfast" is superimposed over our protagonist, a small-type message that reads simply "Don't" lingers over YouTube's "Skip Ad" button in the lower right corner of the screen. If viewers watch the whole thing, they can get a discount coupon for their first bacon roll in-store. This neat little trick was dreamed up by London agency Brave.