Drano created a horror podcast inspired by the crud that clogs your sink

'Tales from the Drain' may make your flesh creep

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May 02, 2019

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Drano, the S.C. Johnson-owned drain unblocking brand, is using Spotify to alert people to the horrors that can live in your drains in a series of creepy podcasts.

"Tales from the Drain," created and written by Energy BBDO, cleverly tap into the horror revival genre and portray scary scenarios in which the stuff that clogs drains turns into monsters. There's the man so obsessed with his drains that his wife leaves him, whereupon he  finds a "putrid mass the size of a tennis ball" consisting of his wife's red hair;  the creepy little girl who cuts her dolls' polyester hair over the sink, only to see it to turn into something "much more terrifying" and the guy whose shaving debris results in a horrible end. 

The horror stories end with the tagline "Drano. Unclog your life." Whether you have drain issues or not, fans of gothic horror will appreciate how they make your flesh creep. 

The podcasts are being promoted via Spotify paid ads targeted within horror content and with OOH ads on bus shelters. 

A Drano 'Tale from the Drain'
Ad for Drano's "Tales from the Drain" podcast



May 02, 2019
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Energy BBDO

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